Services of the hospital for cardiology







The State Hospital for Cardiology in Balatonfüred provides active cadiological treatments and services for in -and out-patients, complex cardiological rehabilitation and respectively spa and physiotherapic services.

The medical department with a special cardiac profile of our institute has a department with 36 beds consisting of the following sections:

  •  In-patient section
  •  Coroniac station, intensive medical division (IBR)
  •  Haemodynamic laboratory
  •  Cardiac catheter laboratory and pacemaker operating room

Our patients are hospitalized either with an emergency transfer or according to the general rules of hospitalization in effect with advanced booking system. Emergency and acute cases are attended in our up-to-date therapy section with 7 beds (Coronaria Safeguard Station). In the operating room cardiac examinations with catheter (coronarography), ballon coronary expansion with catheter (PCTA), stent implementation, invasive electro-physiological examinations, pacemaker implementation (cardioverter defibrillator) are routine procedures.

The range of attended patients at our 6 cardiac rehabilitations sections based on the health insurance system are determined by the central hospitalization regulations in effect. In return for extra charge we also provide services for domestic and foreign patients.

The healing practices are based on the suggestions based on the methodology letters in effect. Our up-to-date diagnostic background is also available for risk stratifications. The diagnostic examinations required for the treatments take place at the central medical-chemical lab and at the X-ray station. The spireoergometry lab can provide loading examinations of bicycle or stepping stripe to detect myocardium ischaemia. to precisely estimate performance issues and to assign special training programs. The isotope lab can provide reposing and loading tests and ventriculography. Special test of echocardiographias and carotis duplex scans can also be performed regularly. For diagnosing arithmies we use 24 hours signal-averageing electrocardiogramic Holter tests and to estimate and detect hypertony of our patients we use our blood pressure Holter monitoring system round the clock.

The motion therapies, physical training of our patients are monitored by highly trained gymnastics professionals after individually customized programs and they take place in our swimming pool or gyms. We also emphasize the imortance of the education of our patients and skilled assitance of their lifestyle.In connection with the seconday prevention we also try to prepare our patients to return to their everuday life, to fit into their community and family and pick up their jobs again. Our patients seeking healing and recovery must realize the main reasons that led to their diseases. They have to get used to a healthier way of life and receive all the informations related to their complaints to a succesfully manage the recovery process as well as to prevent the troubles and symptoms. The can also participate on our diet consultancy sessions.

 We regularly hold consultancies and group-sessions involving specialists and psychiatrists to receive more informations directly from our patients about cardiac diseases, about their reasons, preventions and also about the troubles and concerns of the patients affected. Beside of the curing of the cardiaovascular system we also have the necessary therapies for the treatment of locomotive disorders in our spa and physiotherapy departments. The traditional application of carbonic-acid baths further improves the patient's loadability and quality of life.